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In this article from humanhealthmag, we want to talk about gesg brain teaser. Researchers believe that playing brain games is useful for preventing Alzheimer’s and also improves memory. Brain games suitable for seniors may not prevent the brain from aging naturally, but they can help keep the brain healthy, alert, and fine-tuned. These mind-stimulating games can very well play a beneficial role in aging. The importance of games for the elderly should not be neglected.

As people get older, they face problems such as boredom and lack of energy, and they usually cannot focus on a particular subject. Over time, other problems such as forgetfulness may also arise for some seniors. In this situation, one of the most effective ways to deal with mental problems and entertain the elderly is to play mental games. In this regard, in this article, we intend to introduce gesg brain teaser and some other games to prevent Alzheimer’s and increase the mental strength of people in old age.

What is a Mental game?

Intellectual games are games in which more mental and intellectual activities are used. These games can be played both individually and in groups. Usually, intellectual games cause conflict and planning in the mind, which is very useful for strengthening the elderly’s memory and strengthening his mind. Strengthening memory in the old age is one of the most important issues that the elderly nurse or any person who wants to maintain and care for the elderly should pay attention to.

For this reason, an elderly nurse or caregiver should engage the mind of him/her by using intellectual games for adults to care for them. The importance of intellectual game for the elderly is that it affects his mind and memory in such a way that by playing an intellectual game, the elderly plan in his mind, draw plans and try to get information in his memory and mind. Remember to play the game correctly and outplay your opponent. This activity and application of the mind and memory strengthens it and prevents aging and memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

word puzzles
word puzzles brain teasers

Introducing the Gesg Brain Teaser Game

Puzzles like gesg brain teaser have many benefits for people of all ages as an engaging and educational pastime. These benefits are especially important for the elderly. Solving puzzles can help maintain the mental and physical health of the elderly, improve social skills, and increase their happiness. In this article, we will examine what type of puzzle is suitable for the elderly.  Suitable puzzles for seniors include:

  • Jigsaw puzzles: These types of puzzles, which contain large and simple pieces, are suitable for seniors whose fine motor skills have weakened.
  • Picture puzzles: Picture puzzles with simple designs and cheerful colors are useful for elderly people with memory impairment.
  • Word puzzles: Word puzzles, such as crosswords and sudoku, help improve memory and focus for seniors.
  • 3D Puzzles: 3D puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube help challenge the mind and increase problem-solving skills in the elderly.
  • Online puzzles: Online puzzles have a lot of variety and can be interesting for seniors who use computers.Would you like to know the best PC games for older adults?

The Effect of Intellectual Games Like Gesg Brain Teaser in Elderly

The brain of the elderly is challenged by playing mental games, since the elderly are looking for the solution to play the game, following the solution improves memory performance and strengthens the brain.

Another useful effect that games like gesg brain teaser can have for the elderly is to prevent Alzheimer’. The game helps the brain of the elderly to work better. As a result, memories and information in the brain are better preserved by playing, Thus preventing Alzheimer’s. Playing games increases the morale and vitality of the elderly, during the game, the elderly laugh and their spirits are strengthened.

Exercising the mind to keep it active is as important as maintaining physical fitness and strength in old age. Throughout our lives, our brains are responsible for keeping us happy, and as we age, mental health becomes extremely important. To ensure that the brain is working at its best, the mind needs to be challenged every day. Fortunately, exercising your mind can be fun and easy thanks to games, tasks and quick activities that can be enjoyed anywhere and by anyone.

Tips for Choosing Puzzles and Gesg Brain Teaser Suitable for Elderly

  • Skill level: Choose the puzzle that suits the skill level and abilities of the elderly person.
  • Interests: Choose a puzzle that matches the interests and tastes of the elderly person.
  • Size of the pieces: Puzzles with large and clear pieces are more suitable for seniors who have vision problems.
  • Colors: puzzles with happy and attractive colors, for seniors
intellectual games for the elderly
4 brain exercises for adults

All Kinds of Intellectual Games for the Elderly

As we mentioned before, there are different types of intellectual games or gesg brain teaser for adults, each of which somehow strengthens the skills and abilities of the elderly. Therefore, it is better for the elderly nurse to get familiar with the various types of these games to take care of the elderly and to strengthen and take care of the skills and abilities of the elderly by using them. Types of intellectual games for adults include card games, board games, puzzle games, intelligence tests, and construction games. In the following, we will review and explain each of these mental games (memory increasing game).

Brain Games Using Cards

Mind games with cards, as the name suggests, are usually games that are played using cards, and in such a way that two or more people compete with each other to achieve a specific goal and result. Games such as Doublena, Monopoly, etc. are among this category of intellectual games. Elderly nurses should know that the importance of this type of mental game for adults is because it increases intimacy and communication between the elderly, the possibility of playing this game with different age groups, the possibility of playing this game for people with different abilities, and also strengthening the memory of the elderly. becomes

Intellectual Game on the Table or Board Intellectual Game

Board games are games in which two or more people compete and play on a table or screen. One of the most famous types of intellectual games is chess. Also, games such as backgammon, mench, etc. are types of intellectual games on the table.

The importance of using and playing this type of intellectual game by the elderly nurse is because it creates happiness and cheerfulness in the elderly, strengthens their cognitive skills, which in turn strengthens the brain and thus improves memory in old age, regulates blood pressure. and creating relaxation in the elderly, preventing problems related to old age such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as reducing tension and stress in the elderly. For this reason, the elderly nurse or the person who takes care of the elderly must be fully familiar with all these mental games and their correct application.

Intellectual Game by Means of Puzzle Design and Intelligence Test

Brain and mind are the most used in intellectual games that are made of riddles and intelligence tests. In such a way that the elderly need to think a lot to win and answer the puzzle and solve it. This helps a lot in strengthening the mind and brain. In order to care for the elderly, the elderly nurse should be familiar with this type of mental game and use it to strengthen the memory and mind of the elderly. Intellectual game by designing riddles and intelligence tests creates effective communication, problem solving thinking exercises, which in turn strengthens critical thinking, exercises and solving riddles and doing intelligence tests increase the IQ of people and also strengthen the reasoning power of the elderly.

Constructive Mind Games

Constructive games such as puzzles, models, and the like are also very useful for the elderly, because they increase accuracy and self-confidence in the elderly. Also, the elderly nurse should pay attention to the fact that constructive mental games improve mood and mood. It also improves the mood of the elderly and increases the visual reasoning of the elderly, for this reason it is very important for the care of the elderly that the elderly nurse or caregiver is familiar with all kinds of mental games and implements them day and night.


In this article we talked about gesg brain teaser. We also tried to tell some tips about the impact of the game for the elderly. You can help strengthen the abilities and skills of the elderly by using these mental games. Intellectual games prevent some memory disorders and prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s in the elderly.


What Are the Effects of Gesg Brain Teaser?

People who play brain games for a few hours a week have better brain function. Research shows that when people learn to have better control over their mental processing abilities, they can apply what they learn from brain games to everyday activities.

What are the effects of the Intellectual Games?

The combination of increased focus and neurotransmitters while playing helps to strengthen neural circuits and exercise and strengthen the brain.

Do brain games improve IQ?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support this claim. But some scientists and researchers believe that people who do just one hour of brain training like gesg brain teaser, their IQ will increase by 5%.

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