Do you know What Is A Sitting Service?

In your opinion, what is a sitting service?  If you are looking for a nurse to take care of your loved ones, you can get help from senior care services. In general, each care company can have a specific definition of sitting service. This term means all nursing services and includes care and maintenance of the elderly or sick, housework and cleaning, if the patient needs injections and other medical care, it is also considered as nursing services. Of course, the nurse must have the necessary licenses and have sufficient skills in these fields.

Note that a geriatric nurse is someone who takes care of the elderly who do not need round-the-clock care, but who need personal assistance in matters such as eating, bathing, reminding of medications, dressing, and getting up and out of bed.  The elderly nurse does all these things for the elderly. While nursing services include patient care and can only be performed by licensed nurses. This type of nursing and more care can be done in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living associations, etc. that are approved. So, if your mom keeps getting kicked out of assisted living, this article can be useful for you to use other nursing services for her.

What Is A Sitting Service + Review Of Important Points

In this section, we want to answer the question of what is a sitting service. An elderly nurse is a person who helps the elderly in their personal affairs and daily life according to their health status. An elderly nurse at home communicates with your elderly parents or grandparents in a friendly way and helps them in a friendly way. Nowadays, due to the increase in life expectancy and the improvement of knowledge, this job has become a semi-specialized and specialized job. This job will have different characteristics according to the conditions and health of the elderly.

sitting services for the elderly
what are sitting services for the elderly

In addition, according to these conditions, the nurses may be experienced people who have only worked in this field for years, or they may be educated people with a degree in nursing and nursing, who, in addition to caring for the elderly, also perform medical and therapeutic tasks. He or she should do it at home as well.The duties of caring for the elderly are from the simplest, which means simply the presence of a companion at home during certain hours of the day, or a person who helps him with household chores, rather than a nurse who gives him his medications according to the doctor’s prescription, or during the hours of the day.

A certain day will measure and monitor the level of blood sugar or blood pressure, or the person who will help the elderly person’s health condition and take a bath will be very variable. Sometimes you may need a caregiver to be with your elderly parents on an hourly or daily basis, or depending on the circumstances, you may want a nurse to live with them in their home. So what defines the caretaker’s job description, in addition to the physical condition and health of the elderly, the amount of your need for nursing and care services will be different.

List Of Home Nursing Services

In this section, we list the types of sitting service. In general, receiving nursing services at home is much easier than other methods of maintaining and caring for patients, the elderly, and children. Although it may seem more expensive at first, it will ultimately benefit the patient and his family.

Nursing and care services for the elderly

Elderly people often suffer from old age diseases and some of them become unable to do their daily activities. Home nursing services can be used to help and care for these elderly people. With this method, the elderly feel more relaxed in their own home and prefer receiving nursing services in their own home to the nursing home. Don’t overlook the positive effects of free short stories for dementia patients.

Patient maintenance and nursing services

In some patients, after completing the treatment in the hospital, they must stay at home for a while and continue the treatment process at home. Care and nursing of some patients requires special skills that a nurse has developed, because these nurses have passed the necessary courses in the fields of medical and nursing services and are licensed.

list of home nursing services
what are the categories for nursing homes

Patient accompanying services in the hospital

Patients who are going to be admitted to the hospital often need a companion, usually a person from the patient’s family takes this responsibility. But people who do not have someone for this work for some reason can use the nursing and accompanying services of nurse dispatch centers.

Providing erogenous services

Many emergency services can be performed at home and there is no need to transport the patient or the elderly to the hospital or medical centers with difficulty and in traffic.

What Is A Sitting Service: Characteristics Of A Good Elderly Nurse

Now that you know what is a sitting service, in this section we are going to get to know the characteristics of a good and professional nurse. We have all heard it said that people become like children in their old age. This sentence shows the high level of sensitivity at such an age. At this age, people tend to be noticed more, and the need for affection in people increases greatly. Especially if the elderly person is alone and does not have his life partner by his side. Psychology and understanding the mental conditions of the elderly in old age will lead to better and sincere communication and as a result, better acceptance by them. Therefore, one of the basic components of elderly nurses is to love this group and understand their age and mental conditions.

For this reason, a good carer has high integrity and patience and responds well to their needs. Sometimes at this age people make excuses and are moody or sensitive and may even become forgetful. A caregiver is familiar with these issues and will have no worries other than happiness and helping them to improve their health. Of course, this will not be possible without love. The sensitivities of old age are one of the things that cause people to have many problems in hiring elderly nurses for their loved ones.

problems of families in hiring elderly nurses
what are the issues that should be considered in taking care of the elderly

Problems Of Families In Hiring Elderly Nurses

Now that you know what is a sitting service, in this section we describe the common problems of hiring a nurse. Today, with the advancement of technology and the busyness and employment of most women, it is not possible for families to take care of their elders personally. In addition, the insistence of very elderly people to stay in their own home when they are sick is another thing that makes it almost impossible to take care of the elderly through first-class family and children due to their inner desire.

Sometimes, due to the inability of the elderly to take care of themselves, they do not allow their children to hire an elderly nurse. This issue is also one of the primary problems in getting a caregiver for the elderly in the first step for the family. After satisfying our old parents, we will face another big problem, the problem of finding an experienced and reliable elderly caretaker to leave the most dear ones in our hands.

Major Problems In Hiring Elderly Nurses

  • Satisfying the elderly in accepting the inability to do things and the need to have a caregiver
  • Find an experienced and reliable elderly carer
  • Not being aware of nursing services and the duties of the elderly nurse at home
  • How to conclude a contract and the salary of an elderly nurse
  • The problems of lack of supervision of the nurse’s work process at home

The presence of accredited and officially licensed home nursing service institutions can solve all the above problems. A nursing service institution has reviewed the resumes of nurses, caregivers and paramedics working in this field before you and cooperates with them after selecting and verifying their identity. In addition, in case of violation, any of the caretakers of the center will warn the wrongdoer and if the problem caused by him is unforgivable, he will no longer cooperate with him.

Concluding Remarks

In this article, we tried to answer the question of what is a sitting service. As people get older, they need to be cared for and cared for. Elderly people need a person to care for them due to various diseases, loneliness, etc. But many families cannot take care of their elderly due to being employed, starting a family, or any other reason.

On the other hand, admitting them in a nursing home is expensive, most of the elderly prefer to stay at home. So, the best way to hire an elderly nurse is that you can hire an elderly nurse on a 24-hour or hourly basis. First of all, you should know the duties of the elderly nurse who comes to your home. Home affairs, cooking, etc. are among the duties of an elderly nurse. You can contact sitting service companies to get more information in this field.

FAQs About What Is A Sitting Service

Who Is A Nurse And Elderly Care?

Elderly nurse is someone who temporarily or permanently cares for the elderly. That is, if your elderly person has an illness, bed sore, etc., the nurse with her high experience has a direct impact on the recovery process of your elderly person. In addition, many elderly people want to have a companion to talk to and share their problems, so they need an elderly companion to talk to them in addition to caring for them.

What Are the Care Services Included?

Nursing service or care service includes all activities related to the care and maintenance of elderly people. This service is available to anyone who needs it, whether they qualify for help from social care services or pay for their own care.

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