Retirement Poem Humor + Unique Funny SMS for Spouse

Would you like to read some retirement poem humor?  Retirement is a turning point in the life of every person, which can be accompanied by comfort, adventure, humor, etc. In this article from humanhealthmag, we look at this era and its challenges and fun moments with a humorous look.

From financial worries and filling free time to discovering hidden talents and freeing yourself from job constraints, we will take a journey into the comic world of retirement. Keep reading to take a tour of this sweet and sometimes tumultuous era with a smile on your face and learn some instructive lessons from the experiences of retirees.

3 Retirement Poem Humor


OMG, I ‘m rich!

Silver in the hair,

Gold in the teeth,

Crystal in the kidney,

Sugar in the blood,

Lead in the butt,

Iron in the arteries,

And an inexhaustible

Supply of natural gas!

I never thought I would accumulate such wealth!


Once upon a time, we were young and had a good time

We had a face free of wrinkles, lines and strife.

With salary as an employee, as long as we were single

We were thinking of getting married in our imagination.

A wife was found and a year passed

The following year, we had children’s screams and gossip

For enrolling Katy and Cami in school

Their tuition fees were high and we had complaints.

The employee’s salary was coupled with inflation

We had empty pockets for daily expenses

Little by little, children went to universities

With poverty, we thought about higher education

Our skimmer became familiar with the bottom of the pot (Scrape the bottom of the barrel)

Although there was no bottom of the pot and we had an empty pot

Until the grandson was found and smiled,

we missed an orange ice cream.

On the way to our son’s education, we sold the carpet

We missed sitting on the carpet with the wife

At this time, the voice came out, fly

When we looked, we only had one wing.

They cut it in half and you saw how our situation turned out

We expected help from the government for old age and retirement

Trainmates, how mistaken were my notions of these government


Happy retirement

Happy retirement days are here at last.

The days of tail and stress are long past.

I worked almost all my life so that I can play.

Do I want to go back to work?

Absolutely, no way!

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They say that loneliness makes one’s skin thick

They say that love makes one’s heart thin

They say that pain makes you old…

People say many things

I am a rhinoceros with a thin heart that has grown old!


I saw an old man with a deed in his hand

An axe and a spoon, a trowel in his hand

He comes and dignified and eighty-three years!

A twenty-year-old woman’s hand in his hand!


Alas, eternal life has slipped from my hands,

The wealth of the world’s joy has slipped from my grasp.

Woe is me, how my youth has passed in vain,

In paying bills and standing in the breadline!

Would you like to see off your retired boss with a funny and memorable message?! We have collected +30 funny retirement messages for boss that you can send to your retired boss.

unique funny sms for spouse
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Unique Funny SMS for Spouse

Reading short funny jokes can relieve fatigue and make you forget about unpleasant events and a hard-working day. In continuation of the retirement poem humor, we have prepared a number of humorous and salty text messages on the subject of husband and wife. We hope you will like it.


Four words of love in every marriage… baby! I washed the dishes!


I love you with all my belly! I wanted to say my heart, but my stomach is definitely bigger!


lend me a kiss, I promise I’ll give you back soon!


Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to pass in front of your eyes a second time?!


When you tell me you love me, I get scared because you pick flowers even though you love them, and although you love animals, you eat them!


There is no fun in being crazy alone, that’s why I found you!


I know why you didn’t reply the first time I messaged you! because you passed out with happiness…


Tell the truth, what did you want from the universe before you met me?


I opened my heart to you, just remember to close the door after entering!


I miss you so much…

So much that I cry from being away from you…

But when I remember your face, I laugh!!


The gentleman says to his lady: I did you a great favour to marry you without seeing your face!

The lady says: Look how much I did you a favour when I saw your face and married you!!

Well, my brother, don’t do this!!!

You can’t deal with the language of ladies.


Laughing at your mistakes can make you live longer. . .


Laughing at your spouse’s mistakes can end your life. . .

“Shakespeare’s Wife”

FAQs About Retirement Poem Humor

What are some funny things to write about in a retirement poem?

Work Struggles (endless meetings, bad coffee, annoying colleagues), The Aches and Pains of Aging (sore knees, forgetfulness, and needing multiple naps), Free Time Frustrations (filling endless hours with hobbies, or the horrors of spending all day with the spouse) and

Why use humor in retirement poems?

Humor adds a playful and enjoyable touch to the retirement celebration. It lightens the mood and helps to create a memorable and entertaining experience for both the retiree and the audience.

How do I write a retirement poem with humor?

Start by brainstorming funny anecdotes, inside jokes, and humorous observations about the retiree and their career. Incorporate these elements into your poem while maintaining a light-hearted and celebratory tone. Consider using rhymes and playful language to enhance the humor.

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