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Birthright For Older Adults?! Birthday parties seem to take different forms as people get older. Unfortunately, when it comes to seniors, some people ignore the value of having a birthday party for them. But the truth is that annual birthday celebrations can be very special and meaningful for seniors. These birthdays should not be celebrated only at milestones such as the age of 90.

Due to the special characteristics of this period, such as retirement, physical and physiological changes in the body, elderly people need special attention from those around them. The needs of the elderly should be recognized and a positive step taken to meet these needs.

One of the appropriate ways to meet the needs of these loved ones is not to ignore the birthright for older adults and to give gifts to them.

By increasing the number of candles on the cake, we should not forget what was the basis and purpose of having a birthday party? Now, you should not celebrate the birthday of the elderly in a cold and soulless manner. They have both the right and the expectation of holding a birthday party. Use the ideas on this page of the humanhealthmag to organize a birthday party for the elderly and surprise them; It doesn’t matter if you are their child or a caring and kind elderly nurse.

Birthright For Older Adults: Classification of Elderly Needs

The needs of the elderly are classified into the following 5 groups:

  • Livelihood needs: includes housing, health, food and clothing.
  • Emotional needs: It is one of the basic needs of people. From entering this world, this need existed in all human beings. Human beings love to love and receive love.
  • The need to participate in social life: the retirement of the elderly makes these people stay away from society. They still need to be present in society to feel useful.
  • Need for entertainment: Humans need entertainment at any stage of life. If the elderly fulfil their need for recreation, their physical and mental health will definitely be guaranteed. Recreations intended for the elderly should give them energy and vitality without harming them. Because some recreations may be useful for some elderly people and harmful for others. Birthright for older adults is one of their entertainment needs.
  • Security: older adults need physical and psychological security. Elderly people should feel comfortable in their places. Worry, anxiety, worry, anger and fear are the consequences of insecurity.

Birthright For Older Adults: The Relationship of Holding Birthday Parties for Seniors with Their Mental Health

Today, due to the increase in life expectancy and the improvement of living standards, the elderly population has increased. From a calendar point of view, a person who has turned 60 years old is considered as an elderly person. People enter old age with a bag of experience and a world of memories.

The birthright for older adults is not something that is simply denied. Celebrating a birthday, however simple, is important for all ages and helps their mental health and yours a lot. If you’re going to do something, do it right, so it’s suggested that if you’re going to throw a birthday party, make it amazing.

There is no need to pay a lot of money. In these celebrations, it is important to pay attention to the mental conditions and needs of the person whose birthday you are celebrating.

A birthright for the elderly is to let them deeply understand that they are not forgotten and their loved ones are happy to be with them.

advantages of celebrating a senior birthday
benefits of celebrating birthday parties for your aging loved ones

Some Advantages of Holding a Birthday Party for the Elderly

  • Eliminate loneliness: First of all, spending time with others and not being alone is definitely a gift that can be very valuable for seniors.
  • Peace of mind or strength of family bond: Birthday party is a good time to bring family members together and a great reason to get closer to them. It can also strengthen family bonds and a sense of belonging and love.
  • Expressing memories and experiences: Your loved one has a lot to say and share. Giving them the opportunity to do so can be beneficial for them and for you.

Don’t get used to celebrating your loved ones’ birthdays. Remember that holding a birthday party for the elderly will leave you and them with a different and good feeling.

Birthday celebration is to show the sense of gratitude of a person in our life. The only important thing to note is that birthday parties are great for all ages, as long as they are age-appropriate. Remember that the birthright for older adults is not just about having a birthday party for them. When it comes to the elderly, most of the time they are interested in being around their family members.

How to plan a birthday party for the elderly?

To get a good birthday party for the elderly you have at home, you have to do a good planning and suitable for his/her conditions. For example, bringing a DJ to sing rap songs is not a good idea for a 70 or 80 old man/woman. But a singer who can sing his/her favorite songs will definitely make him/her happy. When it comes to planning a birthright for the elderly, there are things you should do and things you shouldn’t think about.

10 stages of planning a birthday party for the elderly:

  • How are you going to make them happy?
  • How much budget do you have?
  • How old are the elderly?
  • How many guests do you have?
  • Do his children, family, friends and acquaintances visit him?
  • How is the decoration of the celebration?
  • Do you have an active or sedentary entertainment program?
  • What cake and food do you want to give?
  • Who does the preparation and planning of the celebration?
  • What are you going to give as a gift?

After you have followed the 10 steps mentioned above, you should now start the process of planning your senior’s birthday party.

birthright for older adults wife husband
how to make a birthday special for a spouse

Birthright For Older Adults: Birthday Party for our Elderly Wife/Husband

Many of today’s elderly couples are lonely during their daily lives. Young people and their children do not visit them. So you have to find a way to bring happiness in their family life. And what better way than a birthday party for two!

My wife/husband has passed away, what’s the point of celebrating my birthday? If you are an elderly lady or gentleman who has lost her/his husband/wife, don’t despair at all. Birthright for the elderly is for you. Motivate yourself and “live” the remaining years of your life.

Surprise ideas for a senior birthday party

  • Place a happy birthday sign on the door of the room or house; In this way, everyone will know that it is his/her birthday and they will knock on the door and congratulate him/her.
  • Decorate their room with balloons.
  • Give them a “Today is my birthday” t-shirt to wear.
  • When everyone is in the dining room, bring the cake and say happy birthday and ask them to blow out the candles.
  • Send a funny happy birthday Gif to an elderly person.
  • Invite family members to visit him. If family members are unable to attend, set up a Skype or WhatsApp video call.
gifts for elderly people birthday
useful gifts for seniors they’ll actually want

19 Attractive Suggestions for Giving Gifts to Elderly Ladies and Gentlemen

Now that we understand that birthright for older adults is a necessity, it is better to get to know some suitable gifts for their birthdays.

  1. Books, because most psychologists believe that reading books is one of the best ways of spending time for elderly people.
  2. Intellectual games (tables, sudoku or gesg brain teaser), because these types of games can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s in the elderly and strengthen memory and concentration in them.
  3. Gardening tools, as gardening is one of the favorite occupations of the elderly.
  4. Flowers and vases, because looking at flowers gives happiness and freshness to elderly people. The presence of flowers in the home reduces the stress of the elderly and helps them to breathe more calmly and deeply.
  5. Suitable shoes for walking
  6. Art tools, because art therapy is one of the therapeutic methods for managing stress and preventing memory loss.
  7. A pet is a good companion for people in different age groups.
  8. Homemade cakes and food
  9. Massager
  10. Winter socks and clothes
  11. Medical devices such as blood pressure or blood sugar measuring devices
  12. A Pocket Radio
  13. Address book with phone numbers of friends and family
  14. Non-slip slippers
  15. Chocolate (if they are allowed to eat it)
  16. Hand cream
  17. Coloring book such as dementia friendly easy coloring pages for dementia patients
  18. Face wash foam
  19. Soothing Lavender Packets

Concluding Remarks

Birthday party is not for children and youth, the birthright for older adults is also a natural right. The flowing of positive energy in the relationship between you and your senior is very pleasant. But it is good to know that giving gifts to the elderly and spending a few hours with these loved ones will make them infinitely happy.

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