Broda Chair vs Geri Chair: Which Is Best For Elderly?

Broda Chair vs Geri Chair, what’s the difference? In this article from humanhealthmag, we examine the key differences between Broda chairs and Jerry chairs to find out which one is better for older adults.

Choosing the right chair for seniors who need support and comfort can be a difficult decision. Two common types of chairs that are considered are Broda chairs and Jerry chairs. Both chairs have their own advantages and disadvantages. So which should we choose for our loved ones?

Broda Chair vs Geri Chair: 10 Features of a Suitable Chair for the Elderly

Anyway, due to their special physical condition, they have to sit for many hours and rarely walk. This is not something that you can easily pass by. From knee pain to arthritis and diabetes and a thousand other pains and diseases may cause our seniors to not be able to walk much and have to sit. Sitting too much on the chair can also cause diseases such as bedsores, in such cases, the best thing to do is to be careful when choosing a chair for them. In this part of the article Broda Chair vs Geri Chair, we are going to see what features the suitable chair for the elderly should have.

First: Convenience

Comfort is very important for a suitable chair for the elderly, because if your elderly is not comfortable, the rest of the factors become unimportant. A suitable chair makes a person spend less time in his/her bed, and as a result, his/ her quality of life improves.

Second: All the Features of the Chair Must be Adjustable!

The all-round adjustability of the seat allows it to meet all the needs of the person. By fully adjustable, we mean that the width of the seat can be adjusted so that the seat can always be the same size as the elderly person. If they lost weight over time and gained weight, they will be able to fit well in their seat and there will be no problem for them in this regard.

Third: Wheels

A chair suitable for the elderly, if it has wheels, makes it easier to move around the house. It will also be easier for family members to move them. The nurse or any other person can easily take them to their place or to their bedroom. Also, during the day, the elderly person can constantly change his/her place and enjoy moving and seeing various views. This kind of work makes him/her able to communicate more with his/her family members and to be in good social condition and not get depressed.

Fourth: Pressure Management

If your loved one is sitting for long periods of time during the day or is unable to shift their weight, they should be able to manage the pressure of the seat if they are uncomfortable. Seat pressure management increases comfort and reduces the risk of bedsores. A bed sore is one of those things that we hope will never happen to any elderly person. So be sure to pay attention to these points when choosing a suitable chair for the elderly. Broda Chair vs Geri Chair: Which is best for elderly? We will also address this issue.

Fifth: Support for the Head

For the elderly who no longer have control over their head, it is better to have something on the chair such as a pillow to support their head. At the same time, don’t put pressure on them and be comfortable in every way. Of course, keep in mind that the place they are going to rest their head on should take good care of their head, neck and spine. Poor head control can negatively affect their breathing and eating.

features of a suitable chair for the elderly
what type of chair is best for the elderly

Sixth: lateral Support

Lateral support helps the person to have a correct posture when sitting on the chair. As a result, his/her body muscles do not contract and are not under pressure. However, continuous sitting can cause fatigue, and the chair suitable for the elderly that you are going to get is supposed to have good features. Also, the level of comfort increases by considering the lateral support of the seat. And the elderly person can breathe better, swallow, and his digestive system will work better.

Seventh: Foot Rest

19% of the body weight is on the feet. If the elderly person has lost mobility or is incapacitated, they need to place their feet where they can rest. Make sure that the chair suitable for the elderly is equipped with a leg rest so that no pressure is placed on your loved one’s body.

Eighth: Be careful of the lifter!

In any case, it is not clear what will happen in the future. The situation may become so difficult for your loved one that he/she cannot stand on his/her own feet. In such a situation, you need something to help you stand on your feet. Be aware that the chair you buy for your elderly must be equipped with a lifter. In this way, in the future, if he/she has mobility problems, you can better help him/her and yourself and facilitate the situation for yourself.

Ninth: Going back and forward

It is important that the seat suitable for the elderly can move forward and backward. Such an application allows you to adjust the sitting position of the person. It is necessary to do this several times during the day. Bed sore is one of those diseases that will happen to your loved one if you do not do this. So be sure to pay attention to this point.

Tenth: Bacteria

This may seem strange! But to control infection and virus, your senior chair should be easy to clean and there is no possibility of bacteria or dust on it. When your seat is not suitable, it reduces the immune system of your elderly. If you don’t pay attention to open wounds, it can make the situation worse for elderly and yourself.

And now we come to the comparison between Broda Chair and Geri Chair! Broda Chair vs Geri Chair: Which is best for elderly? Do you think these two chairs have the aforementioned features? But a question: Do you know what is a sitting service?

jerry chairs
skil-care jeri chair comfort seat

Broda Chair vs Geri Chair: Definition

Broda chairs are a special type of chair designed for elderly or disabled people. These chairs usually have a long, padded back that supports the head, neck, and spine. Broda chairs also have long handles that make getting up and sitting down easier. Some Broda chairs have adjustable legs that can adjust the height of the chair according to the individual’s needs.

Jerry chairs are another type of special chairs designed for the elderly or disabled. These chairs are similar to regular chairs, but have a longer and padded back. Jerry chairs also have long handles that make getting up and sitting down easier. Some jerry chairs have adjustable legs that can be adjusted to the height of the chair according to the needs of the person.

And but, Broda Chair vs Geri Chair! The key difference between Broda chairs and Jerry chairs is how they are designed. Broda elite tilt wheelchair are designed to provide more support for the head, neck and spine while sitting. Jerry chairs, on the other hand, are designed to look like regular chairs, but with more support and comfort.

broda chair
broda chair for elderly

Broda Chair vs Geri Chair: Comparison Table of Their Features

Features Explanation
Support Broda chairs have a long and padded back that provides more support for the head, neck and spine. This type of chair is suitable for elderly or disabled people who need more support. Jerry chairs also have a higher and more padded back than regular chairs, but they don’t have as much support as Broda chairs.
Convenience Broda chairs usually have thicker and softer cushions than Jerry chairs. That can make them more comfortable for long periods of sitting. However, some people may find jerry seats to be more comfortable because they are more similar to regular chairs.
Options Broda chairs usually offer a wider range of adjustments than Jerry chairs. These adjustments can include adjusting the seat height, back angle, position of handles and footrest. Adjustable settings allow users to tailor the chair specifically to their needs, maximizing comfort and support. Jerry chairs may have some of the same adjustments, such as seat height and back angle, but generally have fewer options.
Portability Some Broda chair models are foldable or detachable, which can make them easier to transport. However, in general, Broda chairs are not as portable as Jerry chairs due to their larger size and weight. Jerry chairs are generally lighter and more compact and can easily be moved from one place to another.

Broda Chair vs Geri Chair: Concluding Remarks

We have reached the end of the omparison between Broda Chair and Geri Chair. The result: Broda chairs are more suitable for patients who suffer from problems such as normal pressure, cannot sit for long periods of time, or are unable to move. These seats have the ability to adjust tilt-in-space. This feature allows patients to sit in their best position on these chairs. Even if they can’t sit fully, they will still be comfortable in these chairs.

But Geri chairs are a type of sitting chair designed for bedridden patients. The features of these chairs include: the ability to adjust the position and height of the seat, support for different types of sitting, and even the ability to turn into a bed. Chairs often used in long-term care settings such as hospitals and nursing homes are mostly of the Jerry chair type.

FAQs about Broda Chair vs Geri Chair

What are the main differences between Broda chairs and Jerry chairs?

Broda: providing facilities such as tilt-in-space settings and support systems for skin patients.
Jerry: The ability to turn into flat mode and adjust the height.

Which of these two types of chairs is more suitable for patients who need extra support?

For patients with skin problems and the need for additional support, Broda chairs are more suitable.

Are Broda chairs and Jerry chairs the same height and adjustability?

Yes, both seat types are height adjustable, but the ability to convert to a flat position is only available on the Jerry chairs.

Which of these two types of chairs offers the most flexibility and comfort for patients in times of need?

Jerry chairs offer the most flexibility to change the body position of patients.

Are either types of chairs suitable for long-term care settings such as hospitals or nursing homes?

Yes, both types of chairs are suitable for long-term care environments, including hospitals and nursing homes.

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