what is the Difference Between a Broda Chair and a Geri Chair?

In this article of humanhealthmag, we are going to discuss about the difference between a broda chair and a geri chair. In general, wheelchairs are a type of wheel chair that is used for those who have difficulty moving. These efficient chairs can help such people not to have problems in their daily life and to do their work easily. The composition of the frame is the main factor in the performance of the wheelchair. Metal is the most common, heaviest and cheapest type of frame. An aluminum-framed wheelchair will be much lighter and more comfortable, but also more expensive.

You can also choose frames made of very light materials such as special aluminum, titanium and carbon. Of course, you should remember that these materials are used in fixed wheelchairs and their prices are a bit expensive. The wheelchair frame can be fixed or foldable. The energy required for the user to use wheelchairs with a fixed frame is twice that of wheelchairs with a folding frame. Both fixed and folding frames have advantages and disadvantages. The choice of each of these frames depends on the user’s lifestyle and personal preference. In the following, we compare two types of wheelchairs, Broda and Geri.

Similarities And Differences Between a Broda Chair and a Geri Chair

Buying a suitable wheelchair can be a concern for many people with disabilities or the elderly who need this mobility aid. For this reason, we will name some of the best famous brands of wheelchairs for you to make your choice easier. Types of wheelchairs are also used in situations such as Birthright For Older Adults. Next, we compare broda chair vs geri chair. Both Jerry chairs and Broda chairs are designed for people who require a wheelchair due to mobility issues or medical conditions. However, there are differences between these two brands, which we will explain below:

broda chair vs geri chair: are adequate for positioning
broda chair vs geri chair which is best for elderly
  • Design: Geri chairs made specifically for seniors typically have a more traditional design with features such as adjustable footrests, reclining backrests, and padded backrests. Broda chairs, on the other hand, often have a more specialized design with features such as reclining in space, adjustable seat width, and lumbar support.
  • Functionality: Broda chairs are adjustable and offer a wider range of positioning to meet different needs and situations. They are designed to promote proper posture, pressure redistribution and comfort for people with mobility issues, including those with severe orthopedic or neurological conditions.
  • Medical use: Geri chairs are commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings for patients who need assistance with mobility, but Broda chairs are often suitable for people with bedsores or other ailments have.
  • Cost: Broda chairs are more expensive than Geri chairs due to their specialized features and customization options. The difference in cost reflects the level of performance and support provided by each type of seat.

Getting To Know the Best Wheelchair Model

In the above section, we talked about difference between a broda chair and a geri chair. In general, choosing the right wheelchair is an important step in improving the quality of life of people with physical and mobility disabilities. Diversity in the needs and physical conditions of people has led to the production of wheelchairs with different uses. This variety of models in the market makes it difficult for people to choose. In the following, we will introduce you to the types and best models of wheelchairs.

broda chair vs geri chair, what’s the difference
when to recommend broda seating over a geri chair
  • Manual wheelchair: This type of wheelchair moves with the power of the user’s hand. Manual wheelchairs are suitable for people with high physical strength and good mobility in the upper body. This product is produced in two types, folding and non-folding.
  • Electric wheelchair: The electric wheelchair moves using a battery and is suitable for people with low physical strength or difficulty moving their hands. This type of product is available in different models with various features.
  • Orthopedic wheelchair: This type of wheelchair is designed for people with musculoskeletal problems and the need for special support. Orthopedic wheelchairs are offered in different models with features such as high back and adjustable seat, special cushions, head and foot support, and movable legs.
  • Bathroom wheelchair: The bathroom wheelchair is designed for people with disabilities who are unable to go to the bathroom alone. This type of wheelchair is waterproof and rustproof and can be easily used in bathrooms and wet environments.
  • Stretcher wheelchair: Another best type of wheelchair is the stretcher wheelchair, which is used to transport patients in medical centers, ambulances and emergency rooms. This type of wheelchair can be converted into a stretcher and is suitable for moving patients who need special care.
  • Stroller wheelchair: Stroller wheelchair is suitable for children and people with severe disabilities who are unable to sit without support. This type of product has a long and supportive back, safety belt and protective guard.

Choosing and renting a suitable wheelchair plays an essential role in the quality of life of people with disabilities. By carefully examining the types of wheelchairs and consulting with experts, you can choose a product that suits your needs and conditions.

best wheelchair model for elderly
how to Choose or rent a suitable wheelchair for elderly

Concluding Remarks About Difference Between a Broda Chair and a Geri Chair

In this article, we explain difference between a broda chair and a geri chair. In general, buying a suitable wheelchair can be a concern for many people with disabilities or the elderly who need this mobility aid. Choosing the best wheelchair can be daunting because there are so many different models and brands, and each one has its own characteristics. There are many different brands which can make it difficult for each person to choose. The best wheelchair should be fully compatible with your needs and physical conditions and help you maintain your independence and mobility.

The wheelchair should be suitable for your height and weight so that you can use it easily. There are various wheelchairs available in the market, including manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and others, the type of which should be chosen according to your needs and abilities. Different wheelchairs have different features, such as adjustable back, removable footrest, lighting system, etc. Choosing these features depends on your needs and taste.


What is the price of the best wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are available in a wide price range. So, you should choose a wheelchair that is suitable in terms of quality and performance according to your budget. Therefore, the best wheelchair for each person is the type that fully matches the needs and physical conditions of the person. In other words, a wheelchair that is ideal for one person may not be suitable for another.

How should the quality of the wheelchair be?

The wheelchair must be made of quality materials to have high strength and longevity.

Should we rent or buy a wheelchair? Which one is suitable?

Choosing between renting and buying a wheelchair depends on your conditions and needs. If you need a wheelchair temporarily, renting it is a better option. But if you need a wheelchair permanently, buying a wheelchair can be beneficial for you.

What is meant by bathroom and toilet wheelchair?

These types of wheelchairs are designed so that a person can easily go to the bathroom and toilet and do their work alone. Bathroom and toilet wheelchairs are made of stainless steel and can be easily passed through the frames used for bathrooms and toilets.

What is an orthopedic wheelchair?

Orthopedic wheelchairs are one of the types of wheelchairs that are different from normal and simple wheelchairs. Orthopedic wheelchairs have movable legs that can be removed from the wheelchair. Orthopedic wheelchairs are designed in such a way that the side handles of the wheelchair are movable, and by raising the side handles, the user can sit on his wheelchair. In orthopedic wheelchairs, the side handles can be directed to the back of the wheelchair.

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