Great Achievements After Age 70 (+20 Famous People)

Great achievements after age 70, Is it possible?! I don’t believe it? If you’re like me, read this text to the end. All people want to make right decisions, act right and on time and be successful in general at different stages of their life. Success is defined in various areas of life; For example, career success, success in relationships with others, success in pursuing personal interests and hobbies, etc.

But here are some important questions: Do all people achieve success exactly when they like and expect it? We ask another question: Do you think everyone is lucky enough to become a successful person at a young age when they have energy, strength and an efficient mind? Of course not.

Some people may mistakenly think to themselves that they cannot do a great job in their old age. But it is interesting to know that when people age, they can do amazing things. Even many people in the world have proven this and have performed their masterpiece at the age of 50 years.

In this article from humanhealthmag, we are going to introduce you to famous people who have done the biggest and best things of their life at the age of 70 years.

Great Achievements After Age 70

Do you only think about the age of your birth certificate and are you captive to the numbers of the days of your life, or is the quality of life more important to you than its quantity? Great achievements after age 70! In this section, we will introduce you to people who have succeeded at an old age; But then it is up to you how to change your life by following their example.

Just keep one thing in mind, the people we introduce to you are not unsuccessful in the past and, for example, suddenly became successful after the age of 50-60. Undoubtedly, these people have achieved success at a young age; But the turning point of their lives, which caused them to become famous, was on average after their youth.

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Top 6 Famous People Who Achieved Great Achievements After Age 70

In this part of the humanhealthmaga, we are going to introduce you to famous people who achieved their great achievements after age 70.

great achievements after age 70
samuel moore walton

1- Samuel Moore Walton (King of the World’s Retail)

March 29, 1918 – April 5, 1992

Sam Walton is one of the most successful in the list of people who have achieved success at an older age. He is known as the king of retail sales in the world. He started late, but he has been successful and effective. When Walton was 44, he quit his job and followed his passion. He registered the Wal-Mart brand in 1962 with the aim of providing cheap and high-quality products.

When he started his business, he was very successful; To the extent that his business was selected as the 19th most valuable brand in the world in Forbes magazine in 2014. Wal-Mart is currently known as the largest chain stores in the world. It includes 5,700 stores, 1,350 retail stores and more than 2,000 stores (combination of fruits and vegetables).

great achievements after age 70
charles ranlett flint

2- Charles Ranlett Flint (Founder of IBM)

January 24, 1850 – February 26, 1934

At the age of 61, Charles was able to register one of the largest companies in the world, IBM. By using the marketing strategies that it uses, IBM was able to take 70% of the computer market share.

These strategies included the education and training of salespeople who penetrated the hearts and minds of customers by communicating more with customers, making appointments with them, and creating a space for customers’ questions and problems to be raised (without necessarily involving a purchase) so that they can Think of IBM as their first choice.

successful seniors
colonel harland david sanders

3- Colonel Harland David Sanders (Creator of the KFC/ Kentucky Fried Chicken Brand)

September 9, 1890 – December 16, 1980

Most of you know the successful and famous old man KFC (fried chicken). The name of KFC restaurants is linked with the name of the owner of this brand, Colonel Saunders. He was one of the famous people who achieved great achievements after age 70. He tried many jobs before he turned 40. Jobs such as: insurance marketer, responsible for steam ironing and blacksmithing; But at the age of 40, he finds an interesting and delicious way to cook chicken.

Colonel established his first restaurant at the age of 62; But he achieved success and wealth when he opened the KFC headquarters in 1959. He then started selling his franchise to others to establish other KFC restaurants. For this purpose, he traveled all over America.

Sanders went to great lengths to attract investors and even slept in his car at night. But none of it mattered to him; Because he only thought about his goal. He finally succeeded. 5 years after establishing the headquarters, he managed to establish 600 branches of this brand through the sale of franchise rights and increase the value of his company to more than 2 million dollars.

In the years that followed, Sanders continued to build new franchises by selling franchises until the number reached more than 6,000 locations and sales exceeded $2 billion. The creator of the KFC brand (Colonel Saunders) died in 1980; But he made his name as someone that reached great achievements after age 70.

successful seniors
wally amos

4- Wally Amos (Founder of the Famous Amos Chocolate-Chip Cookie)

born July 1, 1936

Wally spent half his life working in the post office in New York; But he always had two interests: baking cookies and music. At the age of 30, Wally went to music, but he could not be very successful in it and only saved 25 thousand dollars through it.

Wally then opened his first bakery using this money at the age of 40. He was able to earn ten million dollars in less than 5 years with the expertise he had acquired in this work through his practice and perseverance.The name of this brand is AMOS, which can now be seen in most American stores and supermarkets.

great achievements after age 70
amancio ortega

5- Amancio Ortega (Owner of the Zara Brand)

Born: 28 March 1936

You must be familiar with the Zara clothing brand; But you may not know that the creator of this brand is also among the people who have achieved great achievements after age 70. Amancio founded the Zara brand in 1975 when he was 39 years old. At the same time as this company grew, Spain was involved in a civil war, but even this war could not stop the progress, popularity and fame of this clothing brand.

Zara company chose this slogan and acted according to it: “We will give the customer whatever he/she wants in the shortest possible time”.

This brand considers the taste of different people and is always ready to move in line with the changes of the day and the taste of the market; In fact, the reason for the popularity of this brand is its adaptability to the opinion and taste of its customers.

successful seniors
samuel jackson

6- Samuel L. Jackson (an American actor)

born December 21, 1948

Samuel Jackson is an American actor who has acted in many movies and is one of the most famous American artists. This Hollywood actor was addicted to drugs in the past, but with the help of his family, he was taken to an addiction treatment clinic and got rid of this trap. He then played the role of an addict in the 1991 film Jungle Fever. According to him, at that time, it was a psychological cleansing role for him.

Although Samuel acted in many films before this film; But he had not achieved much success. This time, however, the case was different. His performance in the movie Jungle Fever at the age of 43 and receiving an award for it actually became his launching pad on the road to success.

Being nominated and receiving awards from various festivals is one of Jackson’s honors. Although he has not won an Oscar yet, he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1995. Although he says he doesn’t need an Oscar to be successful. Samuel has also been nominated for the Golden Globe Award 4 times.

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14 Famous people who have done important things in old age

A masterpiece of art

The famous artist named “Pablo Picasso” created his masterpiece and most important works from the age of 55 to 90.

Soft drink production

The creator of Coca-Cola named “John Pemberton” released the famous recipe of Coca-Cola at the age of 55, and since then he has become a famous and rich person.

Fantasy novel

The author of the popular and beloved Lord of the Rings series created this series at the age of 62. Definitely, everyone who loves the world of fantasy has read this book.

Great inventions

“George Weiss” was engaged in the production of more than 80 different inventions in the basement of their house for fifty years until he finally became one of the great investors at the age of 84. His important invention is sold in more than 50 stores in their city.

Big flight

“Margaret Ringenberg” traveled the whole world by air at the age of 72.

Discovery of the North Pole

After recovering from cancer, Barbara Hillary became the first black woman to go to the North Pole. She did this at the age of 75.

World record

At the age of 86, “Catherine Pelton” set a world record in the 200-meter butterfly. She did it in three minutes and 1.14 seconds, 20 seconds faster than the previous record.

Date change

You are never too old to change the world around you. Nelson Mandela became the first president of South Africa at the age of 76.

Marathon running

At the age of 92, Gladys Burrill was the oldest woman to run a full marathon, earning her the nickname of Gladiator.


Skydiving is a terrifying experience for anyone of any age. But it is interesting to know that “Fred Mack” skydived for the second time at the age of 100. He had done this for the first time in the year 95 and created a great surprise.

Bachelor’s degree

At 95, Nola Oakes was the school’s oldest graduate when she received her bachelor’s degree in 2007. But she did not stop there and went for a master’s degree.

Completion of education

“Leo Plus” was expelled from the university one semester before graduation in 1932 for non-payment of tuition. He planned to become a teacher but could not due to financial conditions. Until at the age of 99, he finally managed to complete his university studies.


At the age of 92, Olga Kotelko set more than 20 world records in her field. It is interesting to know that many doctors studied his physical strength and endurance and were quite surprised.

Grandma, Moses

Anna Moses loved to embroider, but when her fingers stopped working at the age of 78, she started painting. Today, she is known as one of the greatest American artists. She has many paintings of American rural life.

Concluding Remarks

In this article, we introduce you the famous people who achieved great achievements after age 70. When we look at actors, businessmen, and other geniuses who found success at a young age, we think about what we did and what steps we took to become successful. But know that not all people become successful from 20 to 30 years old. There are few people who experience success at a young age.

Start the change you’ve always been looking for today!

Think about change now and plan your success. If you don’t take action now, chances are you’ll never reach your goal.It is never too late to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. Regardless of age, we can achieve great things if we are motivated, work hard and have a positive attitude.


Can People Achieve Great Achievements After Age 70?

Yes sure! History is full of examples of people who have achieved significant success at an advanced age. In fact, some people believe that turning 70 is just the beginning of a new era in life that can provide new opportunities for learning, growth and creativity.

What Kind of Achievements Are Discussed in This Article?

This article examines a wide range of impressive achievements that have been achieved by people after the age of 70, including professional successes such as starting a new business, creative activities such as painting, sports goals such as running a marathon or personal successes such as traveling around the world.

What Makes Some People Achieve Great Achievements in Their Old Age?

There is no single answer to this question, as many factors contribute to late-life success. However, some common tendencies include motivation and passion, experience and wisdom, following interests and dreams, and social support.

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