All About Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care

The Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care Offers both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care services. This means they can provide care for individuals recovering from an illness or surgery to return home, as well as for those who need ongoing assistance with daily living activities.

It’s a medium-sized facility with 120 beds. This may be a consideration depending on if you prefer a more intimate or larger setting. It’s also a for-profit, corporate-owned facility. It is not part of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). CCRCs offer independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care in one setting, so residents can transition between care levels if needed.

Overall, The Villages of Jackson Creek is a standard nursing home facility offering short-term rehabilitation and long-term care.  If you Want any specific questions about their services or would you like us to help you find information on other facilities in the area, keep reading this humanhealthmag article.

Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care at a Glance

  • Address: 19400 E 40th St S Ct, Independence, MO 64057, United States
  • Industry: Hospitals and Health Care
  • Company staff: 51-200 employees
  • Headquarters: Independence, Missouri
  • Type: Public Company
  • Founded: 2008
  • Specialties: Memory care, End of life care, and person-centered care
  • Open: 24 hours
  • Phone: +1 816-478-5689

About Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care

The Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care is a facility that specializes in caring for people with dementia, at all stages of the disease. They provide care from the early stages, when someone with dementia may just need reminders and assistance with daily tasks, all the way through to end-of-life care, including hospice.

Their care is all-inclusive, so the price you pay covers everything, regardless of the level of care your loved one needs. This means you don’t have to worry about additional charges being added on as their needs change. Here’s a breakdown of what Villages of Jackson Creek  offer:

  • Care for all stages of dementia: They can provide care for people with dementia, regardless of how advanced the disease is.
  • Support for daily living: They can help with things like bathing, dressing, and medication management.
  • End-of-life care: They provide comfort and support to people who are nearing the end of their life.
  • Hospice care: They offer specialized care for people who are terminally ill.
  • All-inclusive pricing: Their pricing covers all of the care your loved one needs, so you don’t have to worry about surprise charges.

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amenities at villages of jackson creek
Villages of Jackson Creek offers a variety of amenities to promote resident well-being

Amenities at Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care

The Villages of Jackson Creek offers a variety of amenities to promote resident well-being and cater to their needs:

Healthcare Services

  • Incontinence Care: Staff is trained and equipped to assist residents with incontinence discreetly and respectfully.
  • Staffing & Ancillary Services: This refers to having qualified staff available 24/7, along with any additional services like physical or occupational therapy that may be needed.
  • Medication Management: Staff ensures residents receive their medications accurately and on time.
  • Memory Care: This is the core service of the facility, providing specialized care for residents with dementia at all stages.

Meals & Dining

Meals Provided: Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care provides meals for residents, with options to cater to dietary needs.

Community Amenities

  • Transportation & Parking: They offer complimentary transportation for appointments or outings, and have parking available for residents or visiting family members.
  • Indoor Common Areas: This refers to shared spaces within the facility where residents can socialize, relax, or participate in activities.


  • Beautician: Having a beautician on-site allows residents to maintain their personal appearance and self-esteem.


  • Devotional Activities On-Site & Off-Site: The facility may cater to residents’ spiritual needs by offering religious services or organizing visits from clergy.
  • Activities On-Site: This likely refers to a variety of planned activities and programs designed to stimulate residents mentally, physically, and socially.

Missing Amenities

This list might not include everything offered by Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care.  They may have additional amenities such as:

  • Outdoor spaces: Patios, gardens, or walking paths for residents to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Laundry services: Taking care of laundry for residents.
  • Social programs: Events, outings, or entertainment to keep residents engaged.
  • Security features: Measures to ensure resident safety, such as secured entrances or wandering prevention systems.

It’s always best to contact Villages of Jackson Creek directly for the most current and comprehensive list of their amenities.

staffs in villages of jackson creek memory care
Villages of Jackson Creek ‘staff are committed to providing the highest level of care for the elderly

Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care ’Staff

Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care ‘staff are committed to providing the highest level of care for the elderly. They are all fully trained and experienced and work in a warm and supportive environment.

Candyss Camarda

She holds the position of Director of Social Services, Admissions, and Marketing at Jackson Creek Memory Care. She oversees various aspects related to social services for residents, admissions processes for new residents, and marketing initiatives for the memory care facility.

Lauren Goff

She is listed as a student at Colorado Technical University. This suggests that she is currently pursuing her education at the university and may be working part-time while studying.

Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson serves as the Social Services Director at Ignite Medical Resorts St. Mary’s. She probably oversees social services programs and initiatives at the medical resort, ensuring that patients receive the support and resources they need during their stay.

Amanda Maddox

Amanda Maddox works as a receptionist at Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care. As a receptionist, she manages incoming calls, greets visitors, schedules appointments, and performs various administrative tasks to support the operations of the memory care facility.

Concluding Remarks

Choosing the right memory care facility for your loved one is a critical decision. Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care are dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality care for individuals with dementia at all stages of their journey.  Their all-inclusive pricing offers peace of mind, knowing you won’t face unexpected costs as your loved one’s needs change.

We encourage you to contact them today to schedule a tour and learn more about how they can support your loved one and your family.


What services does Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care offer?

They provides care and support services for people with memory problems and other special care needs. These services include therapeutic care, daily activities, support for daily activities, and various recreational and social programs.

What are Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care hours of operation?

Since Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care provides 24/7 care, their staff is available around the clock to assist residents. It’s likely they have administrative offices with specific hours, but those wouldn’t affect the care provided to residents.

How much does Villages of Jackson Creek cost?

The cost of Jackson Creek Village memory care depends on the type of service and level of care desired. For more detailed information on fees, it’s recommended to contact them directly or visit their website.

Is Villages of Jackson Creek Memory Care staff qualified?

Yes, all their staffs have the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience to provide care and support services to those in need. This center strives to provide the best services by hiring professional and committed staff.

Is there anything else I should know about Villages of Jackson Creek?

The Villages of Jackson Creek is focused on providing care and support focused on the individual needs of the elderly by providing quality services and a friendly environment. The center offers personalized programs and services, taking into account the individual needs and abilities of each person. So that people receive the best support and care in a friendly and safe environment.

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